Generator Sales

Electrical Diesel Generators

Interpower Generators Ltd experienced sales team are hear to assist with all aspects of your power generator requirements. From help sizing your generator, understanding different loads, motor starting capacities, and load acceptance, through to specific installation requirements of your required generator.

We believe a personal approach makes the process of generator purchase easier. Every enquiry is analysed and a experienced sales engineer, who will assist with all aspects of your requirements.

From the initial enquiry and analysis of requirements, through to full technical quotations, and finally supply, every customer receives the high standard of service that he deserves. Our sales team offer options we believe will help the customer, including advice on running costs, and details of the many available payment options.

To ensure that you get the right equipment for your application, we assess each enquiry thoroughly.

Interpower Generators Ltd understands international payment terms, and regularly works with customers who use letters of credit as a secure international payment method.

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