Rotary UPS

Diesel Rotary UPS

What is Rotary UPS?

Rotary UPS is an uninterrupted power supply used to ensure continuous power supply when power outages occur over the network for a short or long period

In this type of Rotary UPS application, reliability is the key to its success, and every eventuality has been covered.

Rotary UPS operation.

The Rotary UPS system consists of a rigid flywheel, connected directly to the generator shaft which rotates at a constant speed of rotation. This type of UPS system is often referred to as uninterruptible power supply rotating. For in the event of a power failure, the energy stored in the steering wheel is used to power the critical load for a short time until the diesel engine is able to feed the load.

Rotary UPS feature Twin independent starter systems and pre lubrication systems on the engine when it is in standby, to name just a few.

The modular design of the Rotary UPS, allows multiple sets to be connected together creating a system which can be tailored to the customers requirements.

Rotary UPS Available both 50 & 60Hz, and from 400V through to 13.8kV.

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