Containerised Generators

Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Containerised Generators

Custom ISO Container Systems Up to 2500kva.

Generator containers can range from 6,058mm (20′), 9,144mm (30′) and up to 12,192mm (40′).

Whether you require only a secure container to hold your generator or a fully sound attenuated system including fuel storage and distribution, we will supply any ISO container based system to suit your needs.

In the absence of an internal fuel tank the fuel connections are installed on the side of the container for easy access and maintenance. To adhere to environmental regulations, on our standard designs, 100% of all fluids present in the system can be contained inside the enclosure. This would include lubrication oil, water and fuel oil.

Should the capacity of the generator you require be too great to effectively house within a close fitting drop over enclosure, Interpower generators Ltd, have a range of ISO type acoustic container options available.

Developed to be as easy to install on site as possible, everything is integrated into the ISO container, with internal fuel piping & makeup systems, bespoke customer connection points, and internally routed exhaust piping & silencers.

Depending on the size of the generator, and the noise level required, Interpower Generators can offer both 20 and 40 foot ISO container options.

Internally every container genset is lined with high quality mineral wool providing the attenuation, faced with corrosion resistant perforated metal. Every container is fitted with an internal lighting and distribution system, and for operator safety every personnel access door is fitted with internal emergency releases.

The external features of containers include high quality paint systems, corrosion resistant security door fittings & hinges, and where required motor & gravity operated inlet and outlet louvers.

To minimise the overall footprint of projects consisting of multiple containerised generators.

Acoustic Enclosure

As well as a need to develop more flexible spatial configurations, there is an ever-growing need to continually improve the noise reduction capabilities of generator housings. In the past, a standard noise level was around 80-85dBA at 1m, but as time has progressed a standard project is now approximately 10dBA quieter than that, and often as low as 60dBA at 1m when required – that’s about as loud as a normal conversation between two people. With noise levels required on projects getting lower and lower, we have continued to meet client’s requirements through innovation from our in-house design team that perform all the calculations required to develop new build methods to absorb noise across all octave bands and meet even the quietest of specifications.

If it’s containerised generators you are looking for then look no further. Interpower Generators Ltd. We can help our clients source their Containerised generators with prompt service, quick delivery and rates that never fail to please. So if you would like more information about Containerised generators please email, call or visit our website.